Why your business needs a Business Pulse

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Your people are the key to innovation in process and product in your business. From management trainees to project management and business administration, all roles work together to make your business tick. But are your people performing at their best? Are they performing at the level needed for your business to succeed now and in the future?

Just as you regularly review the financial data to gain a current and accurate financial picture of your business, you need data to be able to review your human capital. awbt’s Business Pulse provides you with a current and accurate picture of the strengths and weaknesses of your employees.

The Business Pulse is a diagnostic tool used to assess your business’ human capital strategy and development. Its purpose is to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your business, and to provide a consolidated view of the results.

The detailed results provide you with data that will assist in the development of an action plan for your business. Just as you maintain and upgrade equipment to ensure optimal output, your employees need continued investment in retaining, developing and enhancing their skills. This type of review is just as useful for new businesses as it is for established businesses.

But for your investment to pay off, the focus must be on developing skill levels at the time required by the business to maximise the achievement of business outcomes. This results in a win-win for all – the individual gains increased competence and the business increased return.

awbt offers a creative and innovative approach to adult leaning and recognises that each client has its own set of unique characteristics and requirements. We provide a range of training including project management courses, certificates and diplomas, and courses in business management.

The key to future business success lies in the business’ ability to integrate its human capital strategy with its business strategy rather than have it sit alongside it. But to do this, you need information – that’s what abwt and their Business Pulse analysis provide you with.

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