Business Transformation

We work with all levels of management to ensure organisational strategies and change initiatives are driven and implemented throughout the business.

Business Templates

awbt’s business toolkit is designed to provide its clients with access to a variety of business tools including:

  • Management Reference Texts
  • Business Diagnostic Tools
  • Business Templates

Business Pulse

The Business Pulse is a diagnostic tool used as part of awbt’s holistic approach to Human Capital strategy and development.

Its purpose is two fold;
To assist business with the identification, design, implementation and evaluation of its people development strategies and provide a high level insight into the nine key elements of business success.

The business prognosis provides a focus plan for people development. This plan links the nine key elements with management and leadership competencies at all levels of the business in order to maximise business outcomes, sustainability and long term profitability.

Competency Development Indicators

The purpose of this approach is to develop the right people, with the right skills at the right time for the business. At the same time this methodology will assist the business with the development and implementation of a succession planning and talent management strategy.

Consulting Services

This service will be particularly relevant to clients who are seeking to address issues such as, employer branding, recruitment and retention of staff, workplace values, cultural intelligence and generational issues.

People Foundations: A Human Resource Toolkit

A comprehensive toolkit to assist HR specialists in their organisation